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How Can a Company Logo Enhance your Lobby or Reception Area?

How Can a Company Logo Enhance your Lobby or Reception Area?


It’s said you have but one chance to make a great first impression. And, you can do just that by positioning a company sign on the first wall people see when they enter your company or organization. Or a 3D logo sign above the reception desk. Consider a lobby sign in dimensional lettering that spells out your company name, front and center, above of the reception desk itself.

With today’s signage, you’ll have many opportunities to impress!

  • Three-dimensional logos and letters in a lightweight metal such as aluminum are stand-out sensations. The third dimension exhibits depth, which helps your lobby sign catch the eye in a way that a flat, two-dimensional indoor wall sign can’t match.
  • Dimensional office signage in metal is often the choice of companies seeking to convey a classic or substantial feel. These firms might include accountants, lawyers or other long-established businesses.
  • Acrylic letters are another great choice for indoor wall signs in lobbies. They come in a wide range of finishes and colors. Laser cutting delivers sharp, crisp edges that can work well for ad agencies, architects or computer companies.
  • For a softer appearance, consider 3D reception room signs in molded plastic. Injection molding allows for the creation of unique typefaces, and is the often the best choice for a distinctive font, which can be difficult to create with other manufacturing methods.
  • You may also want to consider foam for your dimensional office signage. The letters can be as deep as three inches. This results in an impressive reception sign – especially with the right lighting. Foam letters and logos can be painted in company’s colors or any other shade. Acrylic or metal laminates on foam can also enhance the appearance.
  • Wall graphics in the form of cut-out vinyl logos or vinyl letters are another lobby signage option. Use them on their own. Or, think about using a full-wall vinyl wrap to display taglines, mission statements behind or surrounding your dimensional lobby sign.
  • Want to mount your 3D reception room sign on a wall featuring your corporate color? Off-the-shelf wallpaper might not work if it’s a distinctive shade. Digitally-printed, custom wallpaper can always match your company color.indoor dimensional sign

A final word on branding your facility. Setting the right tone in your lobby is a great start. But, don’t stop there. Wallpaper your other interior walls in your custom, corporate colors. Establish a history wall of significant accomplishments, perhaps with patent drawings or archival photos. Display inspirational quotes, mission statements or core values. Or, how about a mural of international locations if your company has global operations? The many ways to brand with today’s signage, display and graphics are limited only by your imagination!  

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