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What are the different types of outdoor signs?

What are the different types of outdoor signs?


The value of outdoor signs is well known to retailers and researchers alike. In a study by The Signage Foundation, the addition of just one new building sign, pole sign, or freestanding multi-tenant sign added between 5 and 15% to a site’s sales revenues! But, given the many choices, you’ll want to know what are the different types of outdoor signs? Here’s an overview:

  • Awnings: Typically made of canvas over a metal frame, awnings can feature your company’s name. Awnings not only promote your business, but also provide shelter for those who enter the store, restaurant or other building.
  • Channel Letters: Three-dimensional signage, channel letters are metal or plastic letters and logos used on storefronts, offices, strip malls and other structures. Easily seen due to their dimension of depth, channel letters are often lighted for even greater visibility at night.?
  • Digital signs: Sometimes termed LED message centers, digital signs are electronic displays that let you show text, graphics and even videos. Bright, dynamic and eye-catching, digital signs are great for attracting attention, promoting purchases or announcing events.
  • Directional Signs: Sometimes mounted to buildings and at other times freestanding, directional signs make it easy for your visitors to find their way. Often part of a wayfinding signage effort, directional signs guide people through your building, office complex or campus.outdoor monument sign
  • Monument signs: Built of brick, concrete, steel or even high-density foam, monument signs are ground mounted and have a low profile. Monument signs are typically placed in front of a building or at the entrance to a mall, campus or subdivision.
  • Outdoor banners: Ideal temporary signage solutions to announce a grand opening, promote a sale or alert people to special events, outdoor banners are highly affordable. Often made of durable nylon or canvas, some outdoor banners feature slits to help resist strong winds.
  • Pole signs: Highly visible to drivers and pedestrians alike, freestanding pole signs often tower above buildings and trees so they can be seen from afar. The terms pole signs and pylon signs are sometimes used interchangeably, but pylon signs are usually taller and meant to be seen from greater distances than pole signs.
  • Pylon signs: Pylon signs often identify gas stations, shopping plazas, car dealerships, restaurants, malls and hotels – frequently alongside major highways. Most pylon signs include illuminated light boxes to further enhance visibility.
  • Window graphics: A proven way to promote products and services, window graphics are usually positioned where customers can’t miss them – right in front of your store! Mount window graphics next to your entry doors, or directly on them!

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